Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the standard for all Commercial and Industrial perimeter security applications today.  A fence system is the fundamental building block to address security needs.  A chain link fence can save thousands of dollars in reduced theft, damage and destruction.  Our chain link systems are built with the best materials.  Simple is better.  Chain link fence is often referred to as the basic “building block” of perimeter security.  Typical finishes are either Zinc Galvanized or Vinyl-Coated Colored.  Utilizing ground-breaking standards such as ASTM F2611 (Guide for Design and Construction of Chain Link Security Fencing) – we have positioned ourselves to provide the highest caliber solution at the most cost-effective investment possible.  Teaming innovative ideas and processes with a tried-and-true methodology to site security, our chain link installations provide customers a safe and protected environment to work.

Various publications and analysis have been done about Commercial Chain Link fences.  As noted in the AIA’s Post-9/11 security overview offerings – Security Planning and Design: A Guide for Architects and Building Design – the main purpose of the perimeter is to detect and delay aggressors attempting to penetrate the facility.  This helps us understand the purpose in our designs.  When we see the fence as a road block first, then we can scale the needs of your site security.  With the manufacturers of chain link fabric and pipes upgrading their procedures, we dedicate our energy and time into understanding the devices at our disposal.  Our goal is to help solve your problems before they happen.  Knowing penetration times and product usage, makes Empire Fence a premier resource for data on Commercial and Industrial chain link fence.

Remember that Commercial chain link fence comes in various grades and sizes – contact EMPIRE FENCE at 918-437-1246 for additional information and to discuss design needs, specifications and industry standards with our Certified Fence Professional.