Wood Round Rail

As the market trends continue to favor Rustic and Country-style design elements, Wood Round Rail fences are becoming more and more popular.  As a premier provider of ranch style fencing in the Greater Tulsa area, EMPIRE FENCE continues to press the market for more reliable and functional solutions.

wood round rail, Treated Douglas Fir, Ranch Rail Fence

The clean, doweled Wood Round Rail system with a residential-grade Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link mesh attached. The look of rustic, country charm with functionality to keep children and dogs safe.

Historically, EMPIRE has provided the wood round rail fencing with Treated Douglas Fir material.  A solid, firm soft wood offering, the treated Douglas Fir has been the cornerstone of the Round Rail market in Northeast Oklahoma.  The market is changing with round rail fencing, as the treatment processes continue to shift.  As of Early 2018, EMPIRE continues to strive to provide the most reliable solutions and have started to order products like Treated Southern Yellow Pine for the ground-contact posts.  Other vendors have presented plastic wraps and tars for protecting the posts.  We have found that changing the wood type is the most cost-efficient choice.  EMPIRE commits to staying on the bleeding edge of solutions in this portion of the market.

Our Wood Round Rail Rail fences come in 1-rail, 2-rail, and 3-rail variations.  Each rail is tapered on both ends and fits into the post.  This is called a Doweled rail.  For added security you can have chain link fabric stapled to the fence.  Our most popular finish is black vinyl coated chain link, but galvanized, green and more colors are available upon request.  Many HOA’s around Tulsa require the installation of round rail type fences near ponds and common areas.  Review your local covenants for more direction and specifics.  Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Residential Sales Team members about your wood round rail needs – 918-437-1671.