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If you’d like to secure your property with an automated driveway gate, you’ve come to the right place.

Empire Fence installs automated electric gates for commercial and institutional property owners all over Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.

Our team of access control experts can help you with repair, service or new installation.

We can design your driveway gate to fit with the aesthetic of nearly fence type…

Alternatively, your gate can be mounted to secure a wall opening in a masonry or rock wall.

In this post, we’ll look at common driveway gate styles, operator and access options.

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Driveway Gate Styles

Driveway gates are available in a variety of materials and design options.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Ameristar Metal Access Gate

Metal driveway gates are a common gate style option.

Metal gates provide excellent security and come in a wide variety of standard style options.

Today’s metal gates are fabricated from aluminum or steel and can offer a wrought-iron look without the expense or maintenance requirements of traditional wrought iron.

Modern industrial designs with robust security options are also available in the Ameristar line of products.

Ameristar Metal Driveway Gate

Rolling Chain Link Fence Gate

A rolling chain link fence gate may be the perfect solution when you need wide driveway access on a secure property.

Rolling gates require a smaller footprint as they do not swing for opening.

For that reason, rolling gates work especially well for wide openings.

Available with ground rollers or cantilever style that does not require ground contact.

Cantilever Rolling Chain Link Fence

FenceTrac Driveway Gate

FenceTrac gates provide a super strong and very private driveway gate option.

Available as a single or double swing gate (and rolling gates)…

…the FenceTrac system offers you more design options, as you can select from a variety of infill choices.

Check out the FenceTrac double swing gate below, installed to secure our own Empire Fence facility in Tulsa.

FenceTrac Double Gate

Wooden Driveway Gate

When it comes to driveway gates, wooden gates are used to a lesser extent.

But a wooden gate may be a more economical option, especially if you prefer to manually operate your gate as opposed to powered gate operation.

We can install automated gate operators onto a wood gate using a metal frame as the foundation for the gate.

Wooden Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Operators

Now, let’s take a look at gate operator options.

While some gates can be manually operated, automatic gate openers offer several advantages that make life easier.

Double or Single Swing Gate

Swing gates work especially well in tight locations that do not accommodate rolling gates.

Depending on the width of your driveway, you may consider a single swing gate or a double swing gate.

Operators include light use linear actuators as well as commercial and industrial use operators.

This single swing gate uses a linear actuator gate operator that mounts directly to the post.

Linear Actuator Gate Opener

Here’s another common style of swing gate operator.

The harmonic swing arm is a pad-mounted operator.

It uses a vertical shaft that operates a fixed swing arm.

These operators are built to fit a wide variety of uses from light use to heavy-duty or industrial gate use on heavy gates.

Heavy-duty Gate Operator

Sliding (Rolling) Gate

Wider driveway or access openings may benefit from a sliding gate.

A sliding driveway gate utilizes track rollers that run parallel with the gate.

Some rolling gates include a ground wheel opposite the tracks, while others are cantilevered to maintain no ground contact.

Sliding Gate Opener

Solar Gate Opener

When searching for an automated driveway gate, most people use a wired electric gate operator.


Solar power can be used as a stand-alone power source for gates mounted in remote locations or locations with limited access to electrical power.

Solar Powered Gate Operator

Barrier Gate Operator

Barrier arm gates are traditionally used in commercial or institutional applications for parking lot or parking garage access.

Options include heavy tubular arm, breakaway arm, automated raise, manual operation, etc.

Entry Barrier Arm Gate

Gate Access Controls

To control operation of your gate, you need access controls.

Systems range from keychain remote control fobs to intercom entry and complete property access control systems.

Keypad Gate Access

Keypad gate access controls offer a simple method to open or close gates.

Keypad Gate Access

Remote Controls

Remote control gate openers are available with multi-button transmitters and keychain options.

Remote Control Gate Operator

Telephone Entry System

Telephone or intercom entry systems give you more control over access for commercial applications or gated communities.

Telephone Intercom Gate Access

Proximity Card Reader

Proximity card readers offer close-range validation of access permission when the visitor presents their a RFID fob or key card for entry.

Proximity Card Reader

Long Range RFID Tag Reader

Long range readers work with adhesive tags or rearview mirror hang tags to validate vehicles from a distance without the need for driver interaction.

Long-range RFID Reader

Community Access Portal

A community access portal provides a total access management system for one or multiple entry points.

Community Access Portal

Automation & Safety Components

Each gate application is different.

Let us help you with a complete system.

We’ve got multiple accessory options to make your driveway gate system safer and more efficient.

Automation accessories include: mounting post, camera kit, sensors, photo eye, magnetic lock, wi-fi, extended range, battery backup, proximity cards, fobs and more.

Gate Operator Brands

Empire Fence offers gate operator repair and installation services for a number of different brands of gate operators.

LiftMaster Gate Operator Installation DoorKing Gate Operator Installation HySecurity Gate Operator Installation Nice Apollo Gate Operator Installation  US Automatic Gate Operator Installation

Let Empire Help

There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing an automated driveway gate.

If you or your community is in the market for a new driveway gate…

…contact us to discuss options.

We’ll be glad to help!

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