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How do I request a quote?

There are two ways to request a quote for your new fence.

  • One – Use our Instant Online Quote system to receive an instant budget quote for your fence (view video below)
  • Two – Click Free Estimate from any service page to upload a photo or drawing with your quote request

How can I view different fence style options for my property?

Use our Fence 3D system to view various fence style and color options for your property. You can access this tool by clicking the DESIGN YOUR FENCE link in the footer. Then upload a photo of your property to begin designing your fence (view video below).

What type of wood does Empire use?

We use a #2 or better Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) for our pickets. Depending on the season and availability, we might also stock an inland cedar (also Thuja plicata) or Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). The only difference between the 2 cedars is where they grow, which will affect their color. But both are the same species and both are a great wood to use for your fence, based on their lower cost and their history of being rot and insect resistant. For wood post, we use a standard 4” x 4” Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine Timber.

Do I need to call Okie to mark all gas, water and electric lines?

No. By law, we are required to contact Okie and inform them that we will be digging at your property. They will mark all electric, gas, and cable lines a few days before your scheduled install.

Does Empire locate sprinkler and septic lines?

No. We have no way to locate sprinkler or septic lines. It is the homeowners responsibility to communicate, or preferably mark where all private water lines run. Even when marked, Empire is NOT responsible for any damage caused to those lines. We will do our best to avoid hitting the lines, by hand digging around any customer marked areas of the property, but it is not a guarantee that they will not be damaged. Our crews do carry material with them to make any small repairs to broken PVC lines, but if the damage is beyond their scope of repair, it is the homeowners responsibility to call a landscaping specialist to properly fix. Our crews are required to call a supervisor if they knowing hit a line, but often times, broken lines might not be known until the next time the sprinklers are activated. We ask that the homeowner always walk the fenceline to inspect the proper placement of posts after the install crew has set posts. It is at this time, we ask you to turn on your sprinklers to make sure all zones properly work.

Is there any prep work before installation that the homeowner is responsible for?

Yes, we ask that the fence is clear of all vegetation and any other objects that might be against or hanging from the fence. This would include, but not limited to, vines or vegetation such as tree limbs, decor mounted on fence, bird feeders, or any flower beds with stone or rock that are against the fence. General rule of thumb, we would like our crews to have 2’ or more of clear workspace on each side of the fence. If vegetation has not been removed and space cleared for the crews, we will halt any install until homeowner has met this requirement.

I share fence with multiple neighbors, what do I need to tell them about the install?

It is always best to reach out to the neighbors who would be affected by the construction of a new fence. We recommend reaching out before setting up an appointment for an estimate. Often times, neighbors might have a different need or want regarding the scope of the project. They might also want to do more than just the shared fence. Meeting before the scheduled estimate appointment will allow each neighbor the opportunity to voice concerns and needs that might affect the cost and details of the project. It is the homeowners responsibility to notify each neighbor as to the install date and exactly what kind of fence will be installed. Please be advised installation may take up to 3-5 business days to complete. If your particular project includes the removal of an old fence, keep in mind your fence will be open to the other neighbors yards for several days during the installation process, and might be an issue for any homeowners with pets. They will need to make plans to either keep those pets inside or kennel them for the length of the project. Empire will not be responsible for any kennel costs during this time nor will Empire be financial responsible for additional kennel costs if the project is delayed for any reason.

My neighbors will be sharing the cost, does Empire bill each neighbor separately?

It is Empire’s policy that the homeowner that contacted us regarding the project shall be responsible for the entire cost, regardless if the neighbors are willing to share that cost. Empire will provide a split cost for each neighbor in the estimate, but collecting that payment will be the homeowners responsibility. Empire requires that the bill be paid in full after 10 days of receiving the invoice. Any disputes over payment and split costs need to be settled between the homeowners and NOT through Empire.

Does Empire offer fence financing?

Yes! We offer financing through Oklahoma Central Credit Union. With low fence loan rates and generous terms, financing may be a great option for you.

Learn more about fence financing ›

Does Empire offer fence repair services?

We currently provide fence repair services only to Empire clients whose fences are under warranty.

How do I pay my bill?

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