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Wooden Fence With Metal GateA new fence can be an exciting addition to your property.

The added security for your family and pets…

…along with the improvement in curb appeal are things we look forward to.

And as the installation date gets closer, we understand it can be frustrating if there are delays in your project.

Today, we’re going to look at factors that may come into play when it’s time to install your fence.

Let’s start with the most common cause for delay.

Outdoor Construction Weather Delays

Just like most other types of outdoor construction projects…

Fence installation must be done when the weather is cooperating.

Rain, of course, is the biggest issue.

We can’t dig holes while it’s raining, as the sides of the hole can collapse in on itself.

Or the hole can fill up with water.

Rain in Wet Yard

We can’t set posts while it’s raining, because the above factors affect the stability and strength of posts set in concrete.

That means.

If we have a day of rain or a string of days where the ground is left soggy…

We may need to wait it out.

Outside of rain, our crews work in most other weather conditions.

However, there are situations like high winds, snow or severe cold that could prevent outdoor construction activities on certain days.

Given that weather is predictably unpredictable, we factor a few of these days into our schedule each month.

But don’t be surprised if your installation date gets delayed due to weather on the day of installation or due to a string of weather leading up to that date.

Hidden Hazards Underground

Sometimes our Oklahoma soil can be full of surprises.

In a perfect world, each post hole would be emptied of soft soil that is slightly compacted, holds its shape on the walls, but otherwise comes out very easily.

Post Hole

But sometimes there’s rock.

Or roots.

If we hit large rocks while digging posts holes, each hole can take much longer to dig.

For rock, we need to dislodge each large rock or break through it to get the hole dug.

The same goes for large tree roots.

Tree roots need to be cut through with a saw or other tools.

Other underground hazards may include old or private utilities (unmarked by locators), pipes, construction debris, etc.

When we run into problems digging post holes, that part of the project takes longer.

Material Shortages & Delays

In 2021, we’ve seen major disruption in the supply of lumber and other building materials.

NC State reported that lumber prices hit an all-time high during May of 2021, a 400% increase over the same period one year prior.

The pandemic disrupted lumber production and transportation, and the industry is working hard to recover.

This has caused project delays for certain types of fencing materials

Stacks of Lumber

While cedar wood inventories have been heavily affected…

Other wood products like Douglas Fir have had more availability.

That’s one reason several customers have chosen our pre-stained Douglas fir privacy fence option.

If lead time is an issue, ask your sales rep about material options.

Property Lines & Surveys

We are unable to install your fence without clear understanding of your property lines.

There are a few ways your fence contractor can locate property lines for your fence.

We generally use a pin finder to locate the pins that identify property lines.

We can also go by your plot plan.

If we are unable to access either of the above, you may need to have a survey completed to show your property lines.

Talk to your sales rep early in the process if you feel that there may be challenges locating your property lines.

Also, talk to your neighbor, so they are on board with your fence plans to avoid any last minute disputes.

HOA Neighborhood or Permitting Issues

As you plan your fence project, bear in mind any requirements that may apply to your property or fence type.

Make sure you are aware of HOA rules or city rules pertaining to fence style, height or location.

HOA Rules

Some HOAs require approval by the board.

Each city may also have certain requirements to which your fence must adhere.

And some locations require permitting. Here is a link to Tulsa’s fence & wall guidelines.

It’s important to start approval processes early to avoid delays in your project.

Keeping You Informed

We want to make sure you are kept up to date on the status of your project.

For that reason, it’s important to us that you are informed of timeline issues as they come up.

Watch your email for important updates as your project progresses.

And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call your sales rep.

Our crews work hard every day to deliver excellent quality on fence installations.

As a valued customer of Empire Fence, we appreciate you and look forward to successful completion of your project.

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