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It’s our desire to help guide you in choosing which style of fence best meets your needs. Because of this, our sales team is committed to answer any questions you might have. Over the years, we’ve found meeting with our customers in person at the service location or scheduling an onsite visit to be one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Upon arrival, we will go over all the details provided to give you the absolute best estimated cost possible. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a free estimate via email with the options requested, a copy of our fencing services agreement terms & conditions, a diagram reflecting the footages and layout of your specific project, and a sample Empire Fence Letter of Warranty.

For your convenience, we’ve outlined the process below.


If you’ve reviewed both the cost and diagram please return to your email and select the correct option on the estimate from Empire Fence that you would like to move forward with. Please note, It’s not uncommon to receive multiple options on estimates from us. For example, if you requested both a cost for wood and steel posts, you should have received two options to select from within the email. Make sure you are choosing the correct option before moving any further. Once the email has been opened, below the greeting you will find a large blue button that will allow you to make changes or accept the estimate. That button will take you to another page where you will find an accept button near the top. Be sure to review the pricing and style of fence on that same page before clicking the accept button. Once clicked, you have formally accepted the cost, terms, & work details associated with that estimate. Please allow us 1-2 business days for us to get back to you regarding our first available install date.


Once you have approved your project by clicking the accept button located in your email, a representative from Empire will call you regarding our first available install date. Or, if our available install dates allow, you can hold a specific installation date that will fit your particular schedule. Once an installation date has been chosen, you will receive a follow up email with confirmation of your installation date and a copy of both the approved work order and pricing. These are for your records which you can reference at a later time.

What if I need to make a last minute change on a scheduled job?

We understand that sometimes plans can change, especially with new construction. We ask that before you accept your estimate and want to move forward, please review both the estimate and cost. Once you accept your estimate, it begins a process involving a lot of moving parts …from print outs, to ordering material, to allocating staff. If you have any last minutes changes, please keep in mind that often times this process has to be restarted. To account for both time and labor, any changes that alter the accepted estimate will be subject to a change order fee. Your project will also be on hold until your Empire consultant can update the diagram and estimate reflecting the change. You will be required to approve the change or changes in writing.


The night before and the morning of your installation, you will receive an automated reminder. A typical installation will take three days; excluding weekends. So, If a job starts on Thursday, day three will be counted as Monday, etc. Most of our customers are not present during installs, but if you prefer to be on-site while the crews are installing your fence, please remain flexible with your time as we are unable to provide a specific or exact time our crews will arrive. There are many factors that can change our schedule during the week or the morning of your install; things we can control and things we cannot. Most commonly, the weather is to blame for any delays we might have. However, as with any construction due to the complexity of these types of projects it’s also not uncommon to run into other unexpected delays. We realize that our customers’ time is valuable therefore we will do our best to communicate & notify you of any changes or delays as well as hold to the planned installation date unless it’s absolutely necessary to reschedule.

Please make arrangements to secure all pets during installation.

Day One

The first crew to arrive at your property will be our “set” crew. If your job requires tearing out and hauling away an old fence, our crew will start with that first. Once the old fence has been removed or if your project is new construction, we will locate your property pins or use a provided plot plan to find your property lines. Please note that if the pins can not be located, we will use the plot plan to locate the property lines. If pins can not be located and the plot plan was not provided, we will not proceed with the project without the written consent from the homeowner agreeing that Empire shall NOT be held liable for placement.

Once placement of fence has been determined our crews will dig the holes needed and start setting posts. Empire sets posts between 20”-24”, depending on the height of fence and conditions of soil. It is our policy to ALWAYS use concrete when setting posts. Once all posts have been set, our crews will inspect your property for any trash, extra material, or anything else that they might have left behind. Once they have completed their end of day checklist, they will return back to the office or move on to their next job.

Day Two

We ask all our customers to please walk the fence line and inspect the project to verify that the posts were set according to your needs. It is always better to catch a mistake or voice a concern as soon as possible. The further the project moves forward, the more costly and time consuming it will become. Whether it is a mistake that Empire has made or a mistake that you as the customer might have made, please contact us without delay. We can address the problem and still stay on schedule the faster we know about it. Typically, there will be one day in between the set and the finish of your projects to allow the concrete to properly cure. Weather can delay, alter, or accelerate this timing, depending on the time of year. This happens on day two.

Day Three

After your posts are set, we will return with our “Finish” crew to hang backrails, nail pickets, and install gates. If your project includes chainlink, this is the day we would stretch your chain link and install any gates. Once they have completed their end of day checklist, the work order will be closed and the ticket will be turned into billing.

How do I pay my bill?

In Person

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By Phone

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