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It’s our desire to help guide you in choosing which style of fence best meets your needs. Because of this, our sales team is committed to answer any questions you might have. Over the years, we’ve found meeting with our customers in person at the service location or scheduling an onsite visit to be one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Upon arrival, we will go over all the details provided to give you the absolute best estimated cost possible. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a free estimate via email with the options requested, a copy of our fencing services agreement terms & conditions, a diagram reflecting the footages and layout of your specific project, and a sample Empire Fence Letter of Warranty.

For your convenience, we’ve outlined the process below.


Understanding the pivotal role of communication in our process, we at Empire Fence prioritize its effectiveness and efficiency. Electronic correspondence, particularly through email, stands as our primary mode of communication. We encourage you to regularly monitor your inbox for vital updates, reminders, and notifications spanning the entire duration of our engagement, from start to finish. This method is chosen for its capacity to ensure alignment and clarity, as it provides a documented record of all discussions and approvals. Additionally, in today’s fast-paced world, email is recognized as the quickest and most efficient way to maintain contact with our valued clients. It also facilitates a transparent and accessible record of our progress through various stages including approval, scheduling, installation, and billing, fostering a shared understanding and accountability. By adopting this approach, we aim to streamline our interactions, ensuring precision and care at every step.


Having carefully reviewed the cost breakdown and the corresponding diagrams, we invite you to proceed by selecting the preferred estimate from Empire Fence through your email. It is common practice for us to provide multiple estimates, especially if you’ve expressed interest in different materials, such as wood and steel posts. Consequently, you might find separate emails for each. Ensure you are selecting the estimate that best aligns with your needs.

Upon opening the selected email, you will be greeted by a noticeable blue button below the introductory message. This button is designed to facilitate any adjustments you wish to make or to confirm your acceptance of the estimate. Clicking on it will redirect you to a webpage, prominently featuring an “Accept” option near the top. We strongly recommend a thorough review of both the pricing details and the fence style listed on this page prior to finalizing your acceptance. By clicking the “Accept” button, you are officially agreeing to the proposed costs, terms, and specifics of the work outlined in the estimate.

Please allow us a brief period of 1-2 business days to respond with our earliest installation date. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we strive to commence this project to your satisfaction.


Upon your approval of the project by selecting the “Accept” button within your email, a member of our Empire team will contact you to discuss the earliest possible installation date. Alternatively, should our scheduling permit, you have the option to reserve an installation date that best accommodates your schedule. Following the selection of an installation date, we will send you a confirmation email that includes the date of installation along with copies of the approved work order and pricing details for your records. These documents will serve as a reference for any future needs.


To ensure a seamless experience, we’ve designed a meticulous process for your project’s commencement and completion. The journey begins with automated reminders dispatched both the night before and the morning your project is set to start. Typically, installation spans three to five business days, excluding weekends. While presence during installation isn’t customary among our clients, those wishing to oversee the process are encouraged to remain adaptable. Due to the unpredictability inherent in such projects—chief among them, weather conditions—we’re unable to pinpoint exact arrival times for our crews. We pledge to keep you informed, acknowledging the value of your time by communicating any significant updates or changes.

Should your project entail the removal and disposal of an existing fence, this task will precede all others. In the absence of an old fence, or for new constructions, we’ll determine your property boundaries using either property pins or a provided plot plan. In cases where neither pins are found nor a plot plan provided, we will seek your written consent to proceed, ensuring Empire assumes no liability for fence placement.

Following boundary confirmation, our team will commence with post installation, adhering to our standard of embedding posts 20-24 inches deep, a measure influenced by fence height and soil conditions, and solidifying them with concrete—a non-negotiable step in our process. Post-installation, a meticulous site cleanup ensures no debris or materials are left behind.

We encourage an early review of the installation by our clients to verify alignment with their vision, ideally conducted after post-setting. Prompt reporting of any concerns facilitates timely resolutions, preventing costly and extensive corrections. Typically, a one-day pause follows concrete pouring to allow for curing, a duration subject to weather-induced adjustments.

The final phases see the installation of backrails, pickets, and gates, with chain link fences being stretched and gates fitted as applicable. Upon completion, we transition to billing, marking the culmination of our commitment to transforming your space with precision and care.


Upon the successful completion of your project, you will promptly receive an invoice within 1-2 business days, delivered directly to your email. This invoice includes a secure link, offering you the convenience of online payment via credit card. We accept all major credit cards, though please be aware that certain fees may apply when choosing this payment method.

Should you prefer, you also have the option to settle your invoice over the phone by contacting our office within standard business hours and providing your credit card details. We prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring that every transaction is conducted with the utmost care and protection.

For those inclined towards traditional payment methods, we accept checks. These can be mailed or personally delivered to our office. Cash payments are also welcomed; however, we kindly request that you provide the exact amount, as we are unable to offer change. Please note, we do not facilitate payment plans, but financing options are available for eligible clients through Oklahoma Central Credit Union. We encourage you to reach out to them directly for more information.

It is important to highlight that any discounts and warranty offers will become void if full payment is not received within 10 days following the completion of the contract. Late payments will incur a penalty of 1.5% per month (equivalent to 18% annually). In instances of non-payment, Empire Fence reserves the right to file a lien on the property, which may result in additional charges or fees.

Your understanding and adherence to these payment guidelines ensure the smooth continuation of our services and the maintenance of the quality standards you expect from us.

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