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Metal Fence Posts on Back of Wood FenceIf you are considering the difference between wood and metal fence posts for your next privacy fence project in Tulsa…

You may be wondering if metal fence posts are worth it.

In this post.

We will explore some practical reasons why metal might be your best bet.

Let’s dive right in.

First Let’s Talk a Little About Wood Posts

Treated wood fence posts were the undisputed world champions of privacy fencing.

For decades.

Nearly all privacy fences were built with wood posts.

However, today’s treated wood fence posts aren’t built like they used to be.

In 2003, the longevity and rot-resistance of wood declined with the banned use of arsenic in pressure-treated wood.

Since then, it’s not uncommon to see problems like this.

Collapsed Blown Over Wood Fence

After an older fence with wood posts gets hit by a strong wind.

It’s also not uncommon.

To see severe pest damage on older wood posts.

Wood Pest Rot in Fence Post

When choosing your fence materials.

It’s important to consider the lifetime value of your purchase.

That’s why.

Here at Empire Fence Company, we recommend metal fence posts to Tulsa property owners.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Durability and Longevity of Metal Fence Posts

Simply put.

Metal fence posts are like the Chuck Norris of the fencing world—they don’t back down.

Unlike their wooden counterparts.

Metal posts won’t rot, warp, or surrender to Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather.

They’ll be standing tall long after the wood posts from your neighbor’s fence have retired.

Metal Posts on Back of Wood Fence in Tulsa

Durability That Endures the Elements

When you choose metal.

You’re investing in a fence that laughs at rain, scoffs at wind, and shrugs off the blazing sun.

It’s the Clint Eastwood of fencing materials—tough as nails and ready for any showdown.

2. Metal Fence Posts Are Rot (and Rust) Resistant

Common causes of wood decay don’t affect galvanized steel fence posts.

Rain or shine, they remain unyielding.

Say goodbye to unsightly corrosion and rot.

Would you just look at that!

Close Up of Galvanized Metal Post and Cap

Weather-Proof Warriors

Imagine your fence as a fortress.

The metal posts are like knights clad in rust-resistant armor.

Raindrops slide right on by like water off a duck’s back.

Meanwhile, wood posts?

They’re mere squires, frantically applying sealant to their wooden shields.

3. Strength and Stability Dominates Wood

Metal posts won’t flinch under pressure.

Whether it’s strong winds threatening to topple your fence.

Or kids attempting to scale it like mini mountaineers.

These posts hold their ground.

Rails, Pickets, Metal Posts on Fence in Tulsa

Built Like Fort Knox

Picture this.

Your fence faces a gusty Oklahoma storm.

Wood posts wobble like tipsy party guests.

While metal posts stand firm, whispering, “Not today, wind. Not today.”

4. Low Maintenance Compared to Wood Posts

Wood posts demand attention to extend their lifespan—staining, sealing, and constant care.

Metal posts?

Set them up and forget about them.

No annual pep talks required.

Metal Fence Posts Close Up

Set It and Forget It

Metal posts don’t crave attention.

They’re the introverts of the fencing world.

No need for staining parties or sealing ceremonies.

Just install them, step back, and let them do their stoic thing.

5. Metal Offers Superior Precision and Straightness

Metal posts are engineered with precision.

No wonky leans or zigzag lines—just laser-straight perfection.

While quality wood posts can be straight during installation.

Over time.

They may seem like shape shifters as they warp.

Wood Privacy Fence Built in Tulsa

Straight as an Arrow

Imagine your fence post as a tightrope walker.

Wood posts may have a hard time standing straight.

With metal posts?

Your fence line becomes a ruler’s envy.

6. Metal Posts Offer Aesthetic Versatility

Exposed or hidden, metal posts elevate your fence’s aesthetics.

Modern or classic, they play well with any style.

Traditional, cap and trim, custom-x…

Beautiful Wood Fence With Metal Posts

Design Chameleons

Metal posts are like fashion-forward accessories for your wood privacy fence.

Exposed, they add a contemporary flair.

Hidden, they’re the unsung heroes, supporting the show without stealing the spotlight.

Whether your fence rocks a tuxedo or jeans and a T-shirt, metal posts fit right in.

7. Metal is 100% Termite, Wood Worm, Pest Proof

Termites & other wood varmints avoid metal like vampires avoid garlic.

Say no to wood-munching pests.

And say yes to fence post armor.

Back Side of Privacy Fence With Metal Posts

Terminator Posts

Wood pests see wood posts and think, “All-you-can-eat buffet!”

But metal posts?

They’re like the Terminator—unyielding, impervious, and ready to terminate any termite invasion.

8. Metal is a Cost-Effective Investment Long-term

While metal posts may cost slightly more upfront, consider the long-term savings.

They outlast wood posts by a landslide.

That puts money back in your pocket.

Galvanized Metal Fence Posts & Wood Runners

Invest Wisely

Think of metal posts as a financial advisor for your fence.

Sure, they might nudge your budget a bit.

But they’re the blue-chip stocks that pay dividends over time.

9. Metal Posts Are Environmentally Friendly

Recyclable superheroes, metal posts don’t haunt landfills.

When they retire, they transform into new wonders.

Galvanized Metal Fence Posts Horizontal Wood Rails


Wood posts decompose sadly, like forgotten dreams.

But metal posts can live again.

Reborn like phoenixes with a recycling badge.

10. Finally… You’ll Sleep Better 🙂

Choose metal, and your fence won’t sag, warp, or disappoint.

Sleep soundly knowing it’s built to last.

Even when the wind is blowing like the dickens.

Dreaming of Fences

Sleep Like a Baby

Imagine your fence as a trusty bodyguard.

Or… property guard.

While wood posts may be the ones who fall asleep on the job.

The metal pillars in your yard stand like vigilant sentinels.

Tall, unwavering, and ready to protect your privacy.

So Just Say Yes!

You’ve just learned 10 reasons why metal fence posts deserve a standing ovation.

Next time you’re at the fence crossroads, channel your inner Clint Eastwood and say, “Go ahead, make my fence.”

Choose metal.

Choose Empire Fence Company of Tulsa.

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