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If you’re in the market for a new privacy fence.

You may be wondering how much a privacy fence costs.

Backyard Wooden Fence InstallationOnline, you may find nationwide estimates ranging from $15 to $55 per linear foot.

In truth, with the wide variety of fence material options and choices available, along with increasing material costs…

You may be looking at something closer to $21 to $40 per linear foot for wood privacy.

And $40 to $85 (or more) per linear foot for premium fence options.

It all depends on the choices you make for your fence.

In This Post

We’re going to look at the following:

  • Cost factors that go into the price of a privacy fence
  • Design factors that affect privacy fence cost
  • Material choices that affect privacy fence cost
  • Market forces that affect privacy fence cost

Finally, if you want a detailed estimate for a privacy fence in Oklahoma.

Try out our privacy fence cost calculator to view an instant online quote.

But first.

What is a Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is a type of fence that creates a visual barrier and security perimeter between an area of your property and someone else’s property (usually a backyard).

Or sometimes, it acts as a privacy screen between areas on your own property – think patio privacy, pool privacy, hvac enclosure, etc.

The basic (and most common) privacy fence is built with wood posts and vertical wood pickets arranged side-by-side to limit visibility through the fence.

Wooden Fence Pickets Setup

This type of fence is smooth on one side and has visible horizontal wood rails on the other.

And it happens to be one of the most economical privacy fence options available.

Beyond that.

You get into more complex privacy fence options.

Each of which can add cost…

By requiring additional fencing materials, more expensive types of fencing materials or increased complexity of installation.

You have a lot of control over design and material choices for your fence.

And therefore, you have control over the final budget for your fence investment.

Design Factors Affecting Privacy Fence Cost

For instance.

Instead of choosing wood posts for your fence, you might opt for metal.

You could build a privacy fence with metal posts (something we highly recommend).

Wood vs. Metal Posts

While metal posts are more expensive at the outset.

A privacy fence with metal posts offers a lifetime value that is much better than a fence with wood posts.

Backyard Privacy Fence Metal Posts

Wood posts are often the most vulnerable spot on your fence, and they weaken from rot at ground level over time.

With metal, you will not need to replace your fence nearly as often.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Fence

You can also build a horizontal privacy fence instead of vertical.

A horizontal fence may cost a bit more due to design changes required to support the wood slats in a horizontal manner.

Wooden Fence on a Slope

However, horizontal fence design has become very popular with some homeowners.

You may be one of them!

Double-sided vs Single-sided Fence

Your basic privacy fence includes a single smooth side – sometimes called the “pretty side.”

On the back of the fence, you will see posts and horizontal 2×4 wood rails to which the pickets are attached.

The back is sometimes called the “ugly side.”

Wooden Privacy Fence

If you want a fence that looks nice on both sides, you’ve got options.

A shadow box privacy fence includes boards on both sides of the fence…

…staggered with gaps between boards offering partial privacy, but a beautiful look on both sides.

Another great double-sided design option is cap & trim, where you’ve got a top rail assembly that holds vertical boards in place.

Fancy Fence Design

In addition to the above options.

There are other fence designs that come with an increase to the cost of your privacy fence.

Other fence design options include: Gothic, French Gothic, Cross Frame, Custom X, Tongue & Groove Picket.

X Wooden Fence Design

Premium Fence Options

If privacy fence cost is secondary to design considerations, you might consider a premium fence option.

Like FenceTrac.

Backyard Weather Resistant Fence

FenceTrac fencing provides unlimited design flexibility.

With metal posts and a metal frame, this is a fence looks great on both sides.

Cost is higher than a basic privacy fence, but competitive to other premium fence options.

Other Design Factors

In addition to fence type.

The location, terrain, fence slope, gate sizes, etc. all play a part in privacy fence cost.

Material Factors Affecting Privacy Fence Cost

When it comes to fences, cheap materials will usually give you a cheap result.

An investment in better fence materials will pay off in the long run with less fence maintenance and a longer life.

There are choices when it comes to fence materials.


Wood fence pickets are made from a variety of wood types.

Some better than others.

Western red cedar is commonly used fence companies in Tulsa and beyond.

Cedar Wood Fence Pickets

While not universally available in all areas…

Other fence picket woods include: treated pine, cypress, redwood, Douglas fir, redwood, spruce, oak, black locust and others.

Wood thickness will play a factor as well.

A 1″ thick picket is going to cost more but offer more stability than a 5/8″ thick picket.

PVC Vinyl

Vinyl fencing materials are available in a variety of color and design combos.

Vinyl fencing is more expensive than basic wood fencing.

Home Advisor suggests vinyl fencing costs roughly 20-30% higher than wood on average.

This of course, depends on quality and type of vinyl fence.

The variance can be actually be much greater.


Composite (sometimes made from recycled materials) is a more dense type of fence material.

Metal Frame Wood Privacy Fence

It’s more expensive than vinyl in most cases.


Some property owners opt for metal privacy fencing.

Metal panel options include corrugated metal panels or other ribbed panels.

Beyond these materials, you’ve got bamboo, stone, brick and other types of materials.

The sky is the limit in terms of design and material… all of which affect privacy fence cost.

Market Forces Affecting Privacy Fence Cost

Even in the most stable market environments, prices vary widely.

As we’ve all experienced…

The year 2020 and into 2021 has seen precipitous increases in construction material costs.

Shortage of labor forces combined with increased demand pushed prices higher.

Truck Hauling Wood

These material cost pressures affected the fence industry like other segments of construction.

Certain costs for fence posts and pickets have increased monthly or weekly in some cases.

We don’t have indications of when material prices will level out.

Therefore, if you are considering a new fence…

…there’s no better time to get your fence on order than right now.

Prices could be higher much higher next year (or even next month).

Privacy Fence Cost Calculator

Finally, if you’d like to see a detailed cost for a new privacy fence.

And you live in Tulsa or northeast Oklahoma…

Check out our instant online quoting tool to calculate the cost for your next privacy fence.

Privacy Fence Cost Calculator

Fill in your details, and you’ll be able to zoom in and “draw” the fence boundaries in your back yard.

Pick your options, and you’ll see a detailed privacy fence estimate for your yard.

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