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HOA Horizontal Wood Perimeter FenceA wood privacy fence can be designed in many different style options.

Some of which can be used alone or in combination with other style features.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the most common design features for wood privacy fences built in Oklahoma…

…and across the country for that matter.

This simple guide will help you decide what style of wood privacy fence is right for you.

To get started.

Let’s look at our most common style of privacy fence… the dog ear picket.

Dog Ear Picket Fence

Dog ear fence pickets are wood pickets that include top corners that have been cut at an angle.

This is the most common style of privacy fence out there.

Pickets come in different width and thickness options.

The pickets we use to build fences all around the Tulsa metro are either…

Our wide picket which is 5/8-inch x 5-1/2-inch.


The more narrow 5/8-inch x 3-1/2-inch picket.

Wooden Fence Before Stain

Our most common dog ear fence pickets are made from western red cedar.

There are several advantages to this type of design.

It’s a very economical fence option that is commonly used. It offers excellent privacy. And it looks better than a plain flat top fence picket.

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Pre-Stained Douglas Fir Fence

With 2021 material shortages in the construction industry, cedar has led to some long lead times.

For that reason, we created an excellent alternative to a cedar fence.

Our Douglas fir privacy fence includes the dog ear picket.

Each plank has been pre-stained prior to installation.

Pre-stained Douglas Fir

Pre-staining the fence offers full stain coverage and protection.

This fence is the most economical privacy fence option we offer.

A Douglas fir fence offers excellent looks and performance.

Cap & Trim Fence

Cap and trim is a popular fence style when you want an upgraded look.

The top of the fence hides the top of the pickets for a clean trimmed look.

It includes a horizontal “cap” board that lays flat, along with a rail board on each side of the fence under the cap.

Brick Post Wood Privacy Fence

Cap & trim can be installed on a flat privacy fence.

Or it can be installed onto a board on board design.

Board on Board

Board on board fence design is just like it sounds.

Each picket on the outside of the fence…

…overlaps another layer of pickets on the inside of the fence.

This fence design offers total privacy with zero gaps between pickets.

Tall Wooden Fence

Board on board is a great choice for a more premium residential fence, an HOA fence or commercial property fence.

Custom X Fence

A custom X fence design adds diagonal boards to the outside of your fence.

A really cool feature that can be added to the entire fence.

Or to a gate or other specific area of the fence.

Wooden Privacy Fence Design

Sometimes called a cross-frame fence.

The custom x does not use the standard 3-rail fence design used on most privacy fences.

Horizontal Fence

Modern fence design has seen many property owners opting for a horizontal privacy fence.

Horizontal fences include planks mounted horizontally instead of vertically.

HOA Horizontal Wood Perimeter Fence

Horizontal wood planks can be mounted directly to posts.

Without the need for additional rails.

They can also be constructed from tongue & groove pickets that nest together for added strength & privacy.

Shadow Box Fence

Shadow box is a style of fence that looks the same on both sides.

Pickets are placed on both the inside and outside of fence rails.

Creating a bit of visibility when looking through the fence from an angle.

Shadow Box Fence

Shadow box is a popular fence alternative.

For those situations where you don’t need total privacy.

Gothic Picket Fence

The gothic picket is used on some fences tall or short.

Gothic pickets are pointed on top.

Gothic Fence Design

The gothic picket may be a good choice for your property.

But it is much less common than the popular dog ear picket.

French Gothic

French gothic is a gothic variation.

The top of French gothic picket includes inward scallops.

French Gothic Picket Fence

Often seen on short picket fences,

These pickets are sometimes used on privacy fences.

FenceTrac Fence

FenceTrac is a unique fencing system that incorporates a U-channel metal frame between metal posts.

To form a panel into which the installer can insert wood, vinyl, metal or other types of infill materials.

Backyard Privacy Fence

FenceTrac creates beautiful fences that not only look great.

They also last a very long time.

In Summary

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best privacy fence style for your property.

It really comes down to your preferences in terms of looks, budget and utility required for your new fence.

Whether you need a new wood privacy fence for your own property…

…or for your neighborhood community, we’ll be glad to help evaluate your options!

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