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Embarking on a fence installation project can seem daunting, especially without a clear understanding of the process involved.

But, having a robust and attractive fence around your property is worth every bit of the effort, enhancing the aesthetics, security, and privacy of your home.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of fence installation step-by-step, simplifying it for you.


Effective and clear communication forms the backbone of any successful fence installation project.

It’s not just about voicing our ideas; it’s also about understanding the needs of our clients.


It helps eliminate misunderstandings, fosters a better working relationship, and ensures that all parties involved are on the same page.

At Empire Fence, we have learned this through your valuable feedback, and it’s an aspect we heavily invest in.

Why Electronic Correspondence?

Among various communication methods, Empire Fence relies heavily on electronic correspondence, with email being the primary medium.

contact email

There are several reasons for this preference:

1. Documentation and Clarity

Communication via email offers a written record of all discussions, decisions, and approvals.

This documentation is crucial because it provides clear, easily accessible information that can be referred back to at any point during the project.

All things related to the discussion will be recorded whether it be the types of commercial or residential fence chosen, costing, installation, and billing.

It ensures that all parties involved have the same understanding of what has been discussed and agreed upon, reducing the risk of confusion or misinterpretation.

2. Efficiency and Time Management

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable asset.

Email communication allows us to deliver messages promptly and efficiently.

It allows our clients to read and respond at their convenience, facilitating a smooth flow of communication that doesn’t interrupt their daily schedules.

3. Tracking Progress

Email communication provides a clear record of the project’s progress.

It allows both us and our clients to track where we are in the approval, scheduling, installation, and billing process.

It helps keep the project on track and ensures that everyone is aware of the project’s current status and the next steps in the pipeline.

As we embark on the process of fence installation, we encourage our clients to frequently check their emails for important updates, reminders, and notifications.

This way, you stay informed throughout the entire process, from start to finish.


The approval phase is a crucial step in the process of fence installation.

It involves reviewing and formally accepting the cost and work details presented in the estimate.

installation approval

Here’s a closer look at how to navigate this process with Empire Fence.

Understanding the Estimate

In many cases, you might receive multiple estimates, especially if you’ve requested costs for different materials, such as wood and steel posts.

These estimates arrive in separate emails, each detailing the cost and specifics of the respective fence type.

Selecting the Right Estimate

To start the approval process, review each estimate carefully, considering both the cost and the fence diagram provided.

Once you decide on the estimate that aligns with your needs and budget, return to your email.

Open the selected estimate email from Empire Fence and below the greeting, you’ll find a large blue button.

This button allows you to either make changes or accept the estimate.

Initiating the Approval

Clicking the blue button navigates you to another page where there’s an ‘Accept’ button near the top.

Before you hit ‘Accept’, ensure you review the pricing and style of the fence on this page.

Once you click ‘Accept’, you are formally approving the cost, terms, and work details associated with that estimate.

Next Steps

After accepting the estimate, please allow us 1-2 business days to respond with our first available installation date.

The approval phase, while largely administrative, is a crucial step in the fence installation process.

It ensures both parties agree on the cost and the specifics of the project, serving as a mutual agreement moving forward.


After the approval phase comes the scheduling phase, another integral step in the process of fence installation.

This phase organizes the execution of the project, determining when the actual installation will take place.

installation schedule

Here’s how you can navigate this phase.

Initiating the Schedule

Once you’ve approved your project by clicking the ‘Accept’ button in your email, the scheduling phase begins.

A representative from Empire Fence will contact you to discuss our earliest available installation dates.

Tailoring the Schedule

At Empire Fence, we understand that our clients have unique schedules and constraints.

If our available dates align with your availability, we are open to reserving a specific range of dates that best fits your schedule.

Confirming Your Schedule

Upon finalizing your installation date range, you’ll receive a follow-up email as confirmation.

This email will also include the approved work order and pricing details.

These documents serve as a handy reference, providing all the necessary information about your fence installation project.

The scheduling phase is crucial in planning the commencement and progression of your fence installation.

This phase ensures that the installation process aligns with your availability, facilitating a smooth and efficient project execution.


The installation phase is the core of the fence installation process.

It’s when the plans and schedules come to life, transforming your property with the addition of a new fence.

Here’s an in-depth exploration of the installation phase with Empire Fence.

Starting the Installation

Your installation journey begins with automated reminders sent the night before and the morning your project is slated to start.

Typically, the installation process takes three to five business days, excluding weekends.

picket fence installation

While many customers choose not to be present during the installation, those who prefer to be on-site are encouraged to remain flexible.

Multiple factors, such as the weather and unexpected complexities, can influence our schedule.

Removing the Old Fence

If your project involves removing an old fence, that’s the first task our crew will tackle.

Once the old fence has been removed— or if your project is new construction—we’ll locate your property pins or use a provided plot plan to identify your property lines.

old fence dismantle

However, if we can’t locate the pins and no plot plan has been provided, we won’t proceed without written consent from you, the homeowner, absolving Empire of any liability for fence placement.

Setting the Posts

After determining the fence placement, our crew will dig holes and set the posts.

Empire sets posts between 20″-24″, depending on the height of the fence and soil conditions.

fence post setting

We always use concrete when setting posts to ensure stability.

After all posts have been set, our crew will clean up any leftover materials or trash from your property.

Customer Inspection

We encourage our customers to walk the fence line and inspect the post placement early in the installation process.

fence inspection

Spotting and rectifying any mistakes or concerns early on can save time and prevent costly corrections down the line.

If any issues are identified, we urge customers to contact us immediately.

Progressing the Installation

Typically, there’s a one-day delay between setting the posts and proceeding with the next steps to allow the concrete to cure properly.

However, this timeline can vary based on weather conditions.

wood picket fence installation

After the posts are set, we’ll hang the backrails, nail the pickets, and install the gates.

If your project includes chain link fencing, this is the stage where it gets stretched and the gates installed.

Wrapping Up

Upon completion of the fence, the work order is closed, and the ticket is handed over to billing.

The installation phase is where your fence starts taking shape.

With careful execution and consistent communication, your new fence will soon stand sturdy, enhancing the aesthetics, privacy, and security of your property.


The final step in the fence installation process is billing.

fence billing

This phase ensures a clear understanding and adherence to the payment expectations and terms.

Receiving the Invoice

Upon completion of your fence installation, you can expect to receive an invoice via email within 1-2 business days.

This invoice contains a link leading to an online payment platform where you can comfortably settle your bill.

Payment Options

Empire Fence offers multiple convenient payment options.

We accept all major credit cards, with no additional fees for online payments.

You can also opt to pay over the phone during our office hours.

For customers who prefer to pay via check, you can either mail it to our office or drop it off in person.

If paying in cash, please bring the exact amount to our office, as we are unable to provide change.

Please note that while we do not offer payment plans, financing is available for qualifying customers through Oklahoma Central Credit Union.

You are encouraged to contact them directly for additional information.

Payment Terms and Penalties

To maintain the validity of any discounts and warranties offered, full payment must be received within ten days upon completion of the contract.

Payments received after the due date are subject to a 1.5% monthly penalty (18% annually).

Non-payment may lead to Empire Fence filing a property lien, with additional charges or fees applying.

The billing phase is a crucial stage that ties up the entire process of fence installation.

Timely payments not only keep you in compliance but also ensure you enjoy the benefits of any discounts and warranties offered during your fence installation project.

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