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Fencing is much more than just a boundary marker; it is a stroke of style and security element that can also add significant value to your home.

While this is the case, it may become a challenge to find a fence that harmonizes both aesthetics, durability, and functionality at the same time.

Cedar Rail & Metal Post Chain Link Fence

In Tulsa, where both urban living and the charm of the countryside converge, one type of fence stands out: a Wood & Chain Link fence.

These different sets are uniquely combined to have concrete or transitionally paired with the natural aesthetics of wood, which give a strong, reliable, and desired effect to the fences of Tulsa property owners.

Why Wood & Chain Link Fence

The combination of wood and chain-link fence gives a perfect example of the best use of two different materials. 

The wood’s natural look blends nicely with the durability and functionality of the chain link fence, and together they form a unique and appealing hybrid fence type that provides robustness and beauty. 

Stained Ranch Rail Wood Metal Chain Link Fence

The product provides just the right balance of privacy, security, and style without infringing on the traditional elegance of the open fields.

Here are other reasons why Wood & Chain Link Fence is a good choice!

Perfect for Building Boundaries of the Neighborhood

The neighborhood associations are usually the ones who impose specific guidelines on the kinds of fences that should be installed.

They usually tend to go for options that enhance uniformity, and attractiveness and don’t block view.

Round Rail Chain Link Fence With Wooden Post South Brook

The wooden fence and chain link exactly fulfilled the impression I wanted to create.

The design in itself looks very clean and sophisticated while at the same time not entirely blocking the view.

Also, it gives the area an element of countryside impression which adds to its aesthetic value as well.

The Post & Rail Design

It is a combination of natural and industrial materials as a hallmark of the site.

The post and rail type, which is a design based on simplicity and a warm rustic feel, is a fencing style deeply rooted in history.  

Round Rail Chain Link Fence With Wooden Post South Brook

It is rooted in the times of the European Medieval era when farmers used the local trees as the main materials for the construction of these fences to prevent livestock from straying and also to outline properties.

The pattern was transported to the Americas together with European settlers, the most popular region was the Southwest – like Oklahoma – where it was used for decorating the ranches. 

The common fencing in the early years was a split rail fence.

Zigzag Split Rail Fence

It is recognized for its rustic charm and easy construction and holds a significant place in the annals of fencing history.

Its origins can be traced back to the agricultural societies of Europe and America where readily available timber became an inexpensive fencing solution.

The design consisted of wooden posts and rails ‘split’ or hewn from logs.

Wood Split Rail Fence

The simplicity and functionality of this fence style quickly gained popularity, especially in the American South and Appalachian region where it was used extensively to mark boundaries and contain livestock.

The vast grounds of these ranches were just perfect places for this type of fencing.

The beauty of rural living was perfectly captured in this economical and practical piece of fencing.

The post and rail design still seems to be the most common fencing method in such areas, not because it is the most effective, but mainly because it has been used for a long time. 

Its classical identity, strength, and applicability are among the key components that have made it the anchoring factor in fencing, and hence, it embodies traditional rural beauty. 

Whether made of traditional or modern wood and metal, the post and rail fence evokes memories of the old days and fits well into any landscape.

Wood and Chain Link Fence Ideas

Wood & Chain Link Fence Around Yard

  1. Rustic Charm: Use rough-hewn wooden posts with black or silver chain link to create a striking contrast. This melding of rustic wood and metallic chain link can lend your fence a rustic yet modern appeal.
  2. Two-Tone Design: Stain the wood in natural tones of brown, gray, or something more vibrant, and pair it with metal chain link. This two-tone design can add depth and interest to your fence and match your home’s color scheme.
  3. Privacy with a View: Alternate solid wooden panels for privacy with sections of chain link for visibility. This gives you a balance of seclusion and a clear view of the surroundings.
  4. Garden Fence: Use chain links with smaller mesh sizes in your garden. Integrate it with wooden posts and rails. You can also allow climbing plants to grow onto the chain link, adding a green touch to your fence.
  5. Combination with Stone Pillars: For an elegant and sturdy fence, combine wood and chain link segments with stone pillars. This will provide a strong structural base and add a touch of sophistication.
  6. Picket Style: Mimic the classic picket fence style by using wooden posts and top rails along with chain link. This gives the traditional design a modern twist.

Benefits of Wood and Chain Link Fences

The beauty of timber with chain links in fencing creates a new style that provides many advantages.

The combination of wood and chain link materials creates a long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, and highly effective fencing option. 

Round Rail Chain Link Fence With Vertical Wooden Fence Presley Reserve

An advantage of a wood fence with chain links is that it protects animals and intruders, up to a certain level. 

Here’s a closer look at why this fencing style is worth considering in Tulsa:

Enhanced Security

The strength of the chain link makes it challenging to breach, providing a physical shield between your property and the outside world.

Black Stained Ranch Rail Fence

It’s like a steadfast knight of old, creating a formidable barrier that’s difficult to breach and gives your property an extra layer of safety.

Plus, if someone tries to cut through the chain link, it creates a noise, alerting you of the attempted breach – consider it your very own alarm system.

Visual Warning

Your wood and chain link fence not only provides physical protection but also acts as a wordless warning to potential trespassers.

tulsa round rail ranch rail 0002 round rail with chainlink

This fence, with its sturdy wood and chain link, subtly shows the property is well-guarded, persuading any intruders to reconsider their intentions.

It’s like having a sign that deters unwanted guests from even attempting!

Creating a Safe Haven for Children and Pets

Think of the wood and chain link fence as a caring babysitter, looking after your little ones and furry pets.

With its strong construction, this fence is like an invisible hand guiding your pets and children, ensuring they stay safe within the boundaries of your yard.

Black Stained Ranch Rail FenceThe wood panels can be designed tightly, preventing adventurous toddlers or pets from squeezing through, and the durable design of the chain link keeps even the most enthusiastic pets from breaking through.

It’s a perfect blend of safety and visibility – like always having an extra set of eyes on your loved ones.

Affordable and Low Maintenance

Wood and chain link fences are generally more affordable and easier to maintain than many other fencing types.

2-Rail Ranch Rail Chain Link Fence

These fences are generally more pocket-friendly and require less maintenance than many other types.

The chain link is like a sturdy soldier, resistant to the elements and needing only minimal care.

And the wood?

Even if it gets a bruise or two, it can be easily patched up or replaced. Your fence remains strong and resilient.

Modern Wood and Chain Link Fence for Oklahoma

In the diverse landscapes and extreme weather conditions of Oklahoma, the modern wood and chain link fence shines as an ideal fencing solution.

This resilient fence merges the natural aesthetics of wood with the robustness of chain link, making it perfect for Oklahoma’s varying climates.

Stained Ranch Rail Wood Metal Chain Link Fence

The chain link’s strength can withstand Oklahoma’s harsh weather extremes, while the wood’s rustic charm complements the state’s rural countryside.

Cedar Rail & Metal Post Chain Link Fence

Simultaneously, the fence’s sleek design fits well within urban settings, making it a versatile choice for any property.

Furthermore, this fence acts as a barrier against wildlife intrusions, safeguarding your home and garden without harming nature’s creatures.

Ranch Rail Racked Gate

At the same time, it provides a safe playground for your kids and pets.

Wood Rail & Chain Link Gate

Aesthetically, the wood and chain link fence aligns well with Oklahoma’s architectural styles, adding to your property’s visual appeal.

3-Rail Ranch Rail Wood Metal Chain Link Fence

So, for property owners seeking a durable, attractive, and practical fence, the modern wood and chain link fence offers a fitting solution.

Metal Post Ranch Rail Chain Link

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a unique type of fence for your property.

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