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Constructing a fence or wall around your property in Tulsa offers more than just an enhancement of privacy and security—it also necessitates strict adherence to precise local regulations.
Empire Fence stands dedicated to guiding you through these regulations, ensuring that your fencing endeavor aligns seamlessly with all city requirements.

Understanding Property Boundaries

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Height Regulations

Fence heights are regulated based on their location on your property:

Side and Rear Setbacks: Up to 8 feet tall.

Front or Street Setbacks: Up to 4 feet tall to maintain clear sightlines. Height Regulations For properties on corner lots or those with double frontage, the same height restrictions apply, ensuring consistency and aesthetic harmony throughout residential areas.

If you wish to build a fence taller than these limits, you will need a Special Exception from the Tulsa Board of Adjustment, which involves a specific approval process detailed in the city’s zoning code ​(tulsaplanning)​.

Material Guidelines

Tulsa does not impose strict material restrictions for most fences, offering property owners a range of choices from wood to metal to composites.

However, fences that serve as screens or are intended to block views typically need to comply with the Zoning Code’s standards on screening and landscaping​ (tulsaplanning)​.

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In areas under Historic Preservation zoning, any fence or wall that is visible from the street must receive prior approval from the Tulsa Preservation Commission.

This requirement ensures that new constructions respect the historical character of these districts.

Permit Requirements

All fence and wall constructions in Tulsa require permits, which vary by the structure’s height:

Up to 7 feet tall: A Zoning Clearance Permit is necessary.

For fences constructed with precast or masonry materials and exceeding 4 feet in height, an engineer’s seal is required.

Above 7 feet: A Building Permit is required, underscoring the need for rigorous construction standards for taller structures.

Permit Requirements

Retaining walls also have specific requirements, with those up to 4 feet in height needing a Zoning Clearance Permit and those taller requiring a Building Permit, accompanied by an engineer’s design ​(tulsaplanning)​.

Special considerations

It must be taken into account when contemplating the installation of specific types of fencing, such as barbed wire or electric fences, which are subjected to heightened restrictions due to their inherent hazards.

Barbed wire and razor wire installations are strictly limited to agricultural and specific industrial zones, reflecting the recognized dangers associated with their use.

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Electric fences, known for their potential risks, are typically permitted only on expansive parcels exceeding 10 acres unless stringent safety measures are implemented, ensuring that they are installed at a safe height above ground level​.

The stringent regulations surrounding the implementation of barbed wire, razor wire, and electric fences underscore the critical importance of prioritizing safety and risk mitigation within Tulsa’s zoning guidelines.

These regulations underscore the need for property owners to exercise caution and adhere to the established guidelines when considering the installation of fencing structures that pose increased safety risks within the urban environment​.

Process and Assistance

To obtain a permit, you’ll need to provide a site plan that includes the location, length, height, and type of the fence, along with a legal description of your property.

This plan ensures that all constructions comply with local regulations and are positioned correctly relative to property boundaries and public access areas.

acquiring local fence permit

For comprehensive guidance on the permitting process or to start an application, property owners can visit the City of Tulsa Permit Center.

Here, forms and additional resources are readily available to ensure your fencing project proceeds without any hitches.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Empire Fence is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process, spanning from initial planning and design to acquiring essential permits and executing the construction of your fence.

By following Tulsa’s distinct regulations diligently, you have the opportunity to boost your property’s value and functionality, all while ensuring adherence to safety standards and regulatory compliance.

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