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If you’re thinking about installing a new privacy fence for your property…

…there are several choices to consider.

What height do I want? Should I do a horizontal fence or a vertical fence? Dog ear pickets or cap & trim?

And what about fence stain? Gate size? Gaps, no gaps?

These are all great questions, but the answer to one really important question can save you thousands of $$ down the road.

Should I use metal fence posts instead of wood?

The answer is often YES. And we’ll tell you why.

While the fence post material of choice for years has been pressure-treated wood…

Today, many people are choosing metal fence posts over wood.

Let’s take a look at why a privacy fence with metal posts will give you a stronger, longer-lasting privacy fence.

What Are Metal Fence Posts?

Metal fence posts are made from steel tubing. They can be either painted or galvanized, and metal fence posts come in round, square or rectangular profiles.

You commonly see metal fence posts paired with chain link fencing or metal fencing.

However, several years ago, fence contractors started using metal fence posts in place of wood posts when building new wood privacy fences.

The end result when using metal is a stronger, straighter, longer-lasting fence.

The metal fence posts we use at Empire Fence in Tulsa are made from galvanized steel, and they are tough.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a process where the metal is immersed in a vat of molten zinc, producing a multi-layer thin coating of zinc alloy that protects the base metal from moisture and corrosion.

Posts made of galvanized steel are exponentially stronger than even the best treated wood. These posts can last many decades.

Privacy Fence With Metal Posts

Wood Posts vs. Metal Posts

Fence posts typically create the most vulnerable part of a traditional wooden privacy fence.

Your fence posts are embedded in concrete and soil and are in constant ground contact.

The are vulnerable to early rot, mildew and insect damage.

There are several reasons why you may want to use metal fence posts instead of wood:

  • Your fence will stand up to wind – Wind is often the final straw that breaks the back of an old privacy fence. Wind puts tremendous pressure on privacy fence panels, and when wood posts get compromised, they simply break off at the ground. Metal posts have more strength to resist the forces of wind.
  • Your fence will stand straighter – Sometimes, as wood fence posts age, individual posts get weaker. You might have one or two in a straight section that have nearly broken off at the base. When this happens, you will see your fence lean and warp in places. This won’t happen with metal posts.
  • Your fence will last longer – By choosing steel fence posts rather than wooden ones, you could double or triple the life of your fence. Wood posts tend to rot and dry out over time, but galvanized steel posts are impervious to rot, insects, etc. Galvanized steel posts can last several decades, even in the most difficult of soil.
  • You will enjoy a lower lifetime cost – Upgrading your fence posts to metal is an investment today that pays off tomorrow. You won’t have the maintenance expense of fence post replacement. By building your privacy fence with metal posts – you should get many more years of use out of your wood privacy fence, extending the time between this fence and your next fence – saving you money in the long run.

Why Wood Fence Posts Wear Out

As soon as you place wood posts into the ground, they start to collect moisture, and the slow process of wood rot soon follows.

Most people don’t know that wooden fence posts aren’t made like they used to be.

Before 2003…

Pressure treated wood (like fence posts) was treated with chromated copper arsenate. This is a pesticide and preservative that prolonged the life of wood placed outside and exposed to moisture and the elements.

Chromated copper arsenate in lumber treatment was banned by the EPA in 2003, because it created a potential source of exposure to arsenic.

Ever since this ban, wood treatment has been much less effective, and the life-expectancy of traditional wood fence posts dropped dramatically.

Rotten Wood Post

Typically, a traditional wood fence is met by wood rot at the base of the posts. Over time the rot eats away at the wood causing it to be dry or soft.

When this happens a simple gust of wind could be all it takes for it to fall over.

Metal Fence Posts Carry a Longer Warranty

Fence companies are able to offer a longer warranty on a privacy fence with metal posts.

At Empire Fence we offer a 3-year warranty on privacy fences built with galvanized steel posts…

…and a 1-year warranty on fences built with wooden fence posts.

Build Your Next Fence With Metal Posts

When building a privacy fence, there are endless possibilities for design and layout.

A privacy fence offers protection, defines boundaries and helps keeps your property private.

If it fits within your budget, we encourage you to consider building a privacy fence with metal posts to give your fence more strength and a longer life.

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