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In any home, a fence is desirable and privacy fences are especially essential as they automatically provide a sense of seclusion and security. 

This article will examine various species of red cedar, including Western Red Cedar and Inland Red Cedar, as well as Douglas Fir fences in this case study with useful insights into its function for private screening purposes.

What is a Wooden Privacy Fence?

Before we talk about the different types of woods that can be used for privacy fences, let us first define what a wooden privacy fence is. 

wood privacy fence

A wooden privacy fence is a barrier constructed of solid wood boards or panels that hinder the outside view. 

The height of the privacy fences is not more than standard ones, and it should be from six to eight feet. 

Such angled tend to work effectively, supplying some privacy both in your sense of home and yard; there is a limit on the extent to which the noise can affect you.

Western Red Cedar

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar or scientifically known as Thuja Plicata – boasts noteworthy attributes, such as its alluring yellowish-brown hue and exquisite grain.

western red cedar tree

Renowned for its innate beauty and resilience, this type of wood serves as a favored material for privacy fencing, owing to its natural oils that serve as a safeguard, repelling decay and insects sans the necessity of chemical intervention.

western red cedar logs

Using Western Red Cedar for crafting a privacy fence holds numerous advantages.

western red cedar grain

First – its distinctive fragrance imparts a pleasing scent to its surroundings.

western red cedar fence

Second – its high resistance to warping and ability to mitigate swelling ensures the longevity and structural integrity of the fence.

Moreover, its innate decomposition process necessitates minimal maintenance, thus saving time and effort in the long run.

Inland Red Cedar

In terms of characteristics, Inland Red Cedar or also scientifically known as Thuja Plicatacan withstand strong sunlight and therefore is an effective option for privacy fences and provides a good alternative to western red cedars. 

inland red cedar log

As coat colors are concerned, Inland Red Cedar is a paler hue- from pale yellow to light reddish-brown. 

It is as naturally durable and resistant to insects as its western counterpart.

inland red cedar grain

The affordability is one of the most important Inland Red Cedar’s benefits. 

It offers all the features of Western Red Cedar at lower price point hence ensuring that hard to maintain qualities are not compromised upon while still offering value for money. 

Further, this particular variety of cedar is dimensionally stable which implies that the timber does not warp or wane when exposed to ice, high temperature or moisture.

inland red cedar fence

From this fact, it is evident that such a fence material can last for an extended period and hence reliable.

Douglas Fir

Although not widely used, in its place of cedar for privacy fences, Douglas fir or scientifically known as Pseudotsuga Menziesiicomes with its own merits that make it important. 

douglas fir tree

Douglas Fir tolerates rain, ice and sun well and is considered to be an enduring softwood due to its density.

douglas fir logs

Being durable, it exhibits these characteristics that make it great for use as a building material. 

It has a warm reddish-brown color, straight grain, and smooth texture making it an attractive option as a privacy fence.

douglas fir grain

The Douglas Fir possesses its great strength as its best feature. 

douglas fir untreated

It is highly resistant to dents impacts, and other forms of deterioration.

This makes it a great option for the homeowner who desires a strong durable fence. 

douglas fir wood

Additionally, Douglas Fir is a widely accessible and comparatively inexpensive building material that makes this material attractive to homeowners on a tight budget.

Why we use these types of wood at Empire?

At Empire Fences, we place great emphasis on the quality and durability of our fences.

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Rigorous product selection guarantees that our clientele receive top-tier materials catering to their privacy requirements.

Whether it’s Western Red Cedar, Inland Red Cedar, or Douglas Fir, our array of wood options not only exudes exceptional beauty but also offers practical functionality, providing our customers with peace of mind and contentment in their privacy enclosures.

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