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2-Rail Ranch Rail Chain Link Fence Metal PostsThe split rail fence has long been a popular fence style for property owners seeking a rustic aesthetic.

In fact, split rail fencing was one of the earliest wood fence designs.

Over time, this rugged fence design has been modernized with various style adjustments.

Round rail fencing with its smooth rails & doweled ends…

Brought a more predictable finish to the rail fence category. It remains a popular type of wood rail fence.

But round rail is currently in short supply.

Lately, property owners have been looking for a more durable rail fence system that has rustic appeal but lasts a lot longer.

In this article we are going to look at the FenceTrac ranch rail fence.

The FenceTrac ranch rail system combines steel posts with rough cedar rails to create a modern (and tough) split rail alternative.

We’ll look at several photos of this fence installed around properties.

But first.

Let’s see how we got here.

The Old Split Rail Fence

Before the ranch rail fence, there was the split rail fence.

The old split rail fence began with a zigzag design that was easy to build by stacking split logs in a zig zag pattern.

Early versions started showing up in America in the 1600s and were known as the worm fence or snake fence for their back-and-forth layout.

These fences didn’t even require posts!

In fact.

That was one of the benefits of this the zigzag fence style.

Zigzag Split Rail Fence

There was no need to dig holes in rocky soil or on the frontier where tools and supplies were often in short supply.

Over time, the split rail fence evolved into a straight fence with set fence posts.

Two and three-rail versions became popular.

This fence style features wood rails with trimmed ends (called tenons) that slip into holes (called mortises) cut into each fence post.

Here’s an example of a split rail fence around an acreage.

Split Rail With Tenon Mortises

The split rail fence remains a popular and widely used fence style today.

It is very popular among property owners with large tracts of land.

With that said.

Some property owners want the rugged look of rough cedar rails combined with a more modern-looking fence.

By far, our most popular rail fence is the ranch rail fence by FenceTrac.

Ranch Rail Fence by FenceTrac

This fence utilizes steel fence posts with a black powder coat finish.

These posts can last several decades in the ground.

Between the steel posts, we install rough cut cedar planks.

The wooden fence rails can be stained with a canyon brown, mahogany or black stain and seal product

Or they can be left to weather naturally.

Ranch Rail Fence w Chain Link

This style of wood and metal ranch fence is hard to beat.

This fence is available in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot tall options.

Rail options include: 2-rail or 3-rail ranch rail fence.

Ranch Rail Fence With Chain Link

Prior to this product, people commonly searched for options to build a round rail or split rail fence with wire mesh to keep pets in (or critters out).

For many of our urban customers.

We install a backyard ranch rail fence with black chain link.

It’s a modern-looking, yet rustic design combination.

That looks great!

Metal Post Ranch Rail Chain Link

This fence works perfect as a backyard fence, side yard fence, pool fence, neighborhood fence, acreage fence, horse fence or pasture fence.

It makes a great driveway rail fence too!

Check out these photos of the FenceTrac ranch rail fence.

You’ll see several fences that combine wood rails with chain link.

And some that include rails by themselves.

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