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Wood & Chain Link FenceIf you are searching for wood & chain link fence ideas…

You’ve landed in the right place.

Wood rail fences combined with chain link have become a popular alternative to the traditional “playground-looking” chain link fences of yesteryear.

In addition to that, those looking to build a wood rail fence have found that they can enhance the useful function of their fence by adding chain link to it.

Just like that.

You’ve got the country feel of a rail fence with the added security for animals and people that chain link provides.

Why Build a Wood & Chain Link Fence

When thinking about backyard fence ideas, some people think wood OR chain link.

There are great benefits to building a wood fence.

Wood fences add dimension and warmth to the property.

Wood is a relatively easy to work with, cut, shape and install.

On the other hand.

There are good things about building a chain link fence.

Chain link is popular because it offers a very strong barrier with see-through visibility (as opposed to a full privacy fence).

The nice thing about chain link is that it provides complete separation between the inside and outside of the fence.

If you want to be able to see through your fence.

And you also want to have a secure barrier around your property, why not combine wood and chain link?

Round Rail Wood & Chain Link

Round rail fencing is a descendant of the original split rail or log rail type of fences, made popular in the early days of America.

Round rail is one of the most common types of wood rail fences.

Round rail fence is built from round wood posts and round horizontal rails.

Rails are “doweled” on the ends allowing them to be inserted and anchored into each post.

Round Rail Fence With Chain Link

These fences are made from pressure treated wood to resist rot.

This fence style is smooth and clean.

When chain link is added, you’ve got a great fence that offers visibility through the fence.

While creating a strong barrier to keep intruders out and people an pets in.

2-Rail Wood Chain Link Fence

As of the date of this writing (September 2021), round rail fence materials have been in extremely short supply.

As the largest fence installer in Tulsa & all of northeast Oklahoma

We have been very limited in getting our hands on new round rail fence materials for several months.

Likewise, most other fence installers around the country are experiencing the same shortage.

Wood & Metal Ranch Rail Fence With Chain Link

That brings us to the other type of wood and chain link fence.

The FenceTrac ranch rail fence is designed with metal posts and metal rail tracs.

As you know, we love building fences with metal posts.

Definitely an upgrade from round rail…

The FenceTrac ranch rail looks sophisticated and beautiful while at the same time offering a country feel to your property.

Metal Post Ranch Rail Chain Link

This combination wood and chain link fence includes rough cut cedar planks installed into metal posts.

Black vinyl-coated chain link is attached to the fence for added security.

The cedar can be stained or left to weather naturally.

As you may know, cedar is one of the most popular types of fencing materials.

Due to it’s durability and resistance to rot, pests and decay.

Wood & Chain Link Fence Options

Wood and chain link fences come in different height options.

You can get these fences in 4-foot tall, 5-foot tall and other heights.

Here is a 3-rail, 5-foot wood and chain link fence next to a wrought iron fence.

5-Foot Tall Wood & Chain Link Fence


Is a picture of several round rail chain link fences.

Surrounding different yards in a neighborhood.

2-Rail Wood Rail & Chain Link Fence

Chain Link & Wood Fence Design

As we looked at earlier, there are primarily two types of wood chain link fence combinations.

Round rail & chain link.

Or ranch rail & chain link.

If you would like a wood and chain link fence installed on your Tulsa property.

Or anywhere in northeast Oklahoma.

Your best option for the foreseeable future is a FenceTrac ranch rail fence (due to supply shortages with round rail).

Here’s another look at this type of fence.

As you can see it works great for building a fence on a slope.

Wood & Chain Link Fence Around Yard

And another ranch rail fence.

These fences are installed not only around personal residences…

But also in neighborhoods.

Where the fence borders several yards.

Metal Post Ranch Rail Chain Link

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a unique type of fence for your property.

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