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Wood & Chain Link Fence Around YardYard fencing is a great investment for your property.

A good fence will safely keep pets and little ones inside and predators outside.

Your fence also creates a boundary around your property.

So it’s easy to see where your property ends and where your neighbor’s property begins.


You may be looking for some ideas for yard fence options.

We’ve got them.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas that might be helpful as you consider options for your new fence.

Why Build a New Yard Fence

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home.

And your yard does not yet have a fence.

How exciting!

You can build any type of fence you want (within HOA guidelines if applicable).

Maybe you live on an acreage or in a mature neighborhood, and you are wanting to fence in your yard.

Kids With Dogs Backyard Fence

If you have dogs or small children.

A good fence around your yard can be a lifesaver… literally.

Your new yard fence will provide room to run for your pets and children while providing peace of mind for you.

9 Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Yard

  1. A fence provides a safe area your kids can roam in the yard
  2. A fence provides a safe area your pets can roam on your property
  3. A good fence could help your home sell faster
  4. A fence can protect your property from thieves
  5. A privacy fence can keep your family activities private and your family safe
  6. A fence can help define your property boundaries
  7. A privacy fence can help create a sound barrier
  8. A privacy fence creates a partial wind and sun barrier for landscaping
  9. A good fence creates your own refuge, making your property feel more private

Now, let’s take a look at a few yard fence design options.

Full Privacy Yard Fence

If you’re looking for total privacy.

You may want to consider a wood privacy fence.

A privacy fence offers a visual barrier along with a physical barrier.

This helps to keep prying eyes out.

There are several different types and styles of privacy fences to choose from.

A popular choice is horizontal privacy.

HOA Horizontal Wood Perimeter Fence

For more ideas.

Check out our article on privacy fence style options.

At Empire Fence Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we build traditional wood privacy fences.

As well as the FenceTrac wood & metal privacy fence for the ultimate in no-gaps privacy.

Short Wooden Yard Fence

If you are fencing a side yard on a corner lot.

Or a front yard.

You might want to consider a wood fence that is shorter than a regular privacy fence.

These fences are usually around 4-foot to 5-foot tall.

4-Foot Wooden Side Yard Fence

These fences offer a physical barrier with partial visibility above the fence.

Chain Link Yard Fence With Wood Posts

Chain link is a versatile type of fencing for your yard.

Traditionally, chain link has been paired with round metal fence posts.

But today’s chain link fence designs have become much more appealing.

Take, for instance, the fence below.

A wood and chain link fence

This yard fence design includes a wooden round rail fence combined with a black vinyl coated chain link.

2-Rail Wood Rail & Chain Link Fence

This fence gives a little country feel.

Looks warm and inviting.

But the chain link creates an excellent and strong barrier through which no dog or person can pass.

A lot of people like this type of yard fence.

Because it still offers visibility through the fence.

Chain Link Yard Fence With Metal Posts

The chain link and wood fence style is also available with metal posts.

This hugely popular product offers several distinct advantages.

Metal posts offer tremendous strength with a lifespan many times longer than wood posts.

The FenceTrac ranch rail fence shown below includes cedar planks between posts.

Offering a rustic, but modern look to this fence.

Wood & Chain Link Fence


With this fence around your yard…

You can rest assured that you’ve got an excellent strong barrier in place.

Ornamental Metal Fences (Steel or Aluminum)

Another popular fence choice is a metal fence.

With vertical rails in straight or ornamental shapes.

Similar to wrought iron, many of these fences are now made of steel or aluminum.

These fences work great around pools.

Front and side yards.


Commercial properties and more.

Metal Fencing

Ameristar Fence (shown above) is one of the most popular manufacturers of metal fencing products.

And their manufacturing is located right here in Tulsa.

That’s a bonus for Empire Fence Company customers.

Empire Fence Company in Tulsa offers all of the above types of yard fence options…

Plus more!

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