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Did you know that Empire Fence provides turnkey access control systems in Tulsa and across Northeast Oklahoma?

We offer solutions to protect access to your buildings as well as access to the perimeter of your property.

Whether you manage an apartment complex, school, neighborhood, storage unit, industrial facility…

…or any other type of property that needs to control or monitor the movement into or out of your property, we can help.

Access Control Systems Remote Control Gate

Systems include the most modern types of hardware and software tools.

Ranging from camera monitoring systems to gate access openers and keypads to low-voltage access control systems for commercial properties.

Combined with a robust commercial fence system, a complete access control solution from Empire Fence provides security and peace of mind.

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Access Control Around Your Property

Security begins at the boundaries of your property.

That’s why it’s important to have a fence system designed with the level of protection required for your facility.

Backyard Metal Gate

Some properties benefit from chain link or metal fencing that allows visibility through the fence.

While others may require total privacy with no-gaps construction to keep prying eyes out.

The particular requirements of your property will influence fence and gate choices.

Metal Access Control Gates

Engineered metal entry gates offer an excellent choice when it comes to property access.

Metal gates are secure and are available in a variety of style and strength options.

Ameristar products include the TransPort Traverse cantilever gate.

You’ve also got a variety of other gate styles including rolling gates, single and double swing gates and pedestrian gates.

Sliding Gate Opener

Rolling Chain Link Access Gate

Certain properties with wide driveway access points can benefit from a chain link rolling gate.

These access control gates are available in cantilever style with zero ground contact.

Or with ground rollers. This style of access control gate has been a reliable solution for decades.

Cantilever Rolling Chain Link Fence

FenceTrac Access Control Gates

FenceTrac offers a unique privacy fence system, along with custom-made access control gates.

FenceTrac gates are available in rolling or swing options.

The metal frame of a FenceTrac system can be paired with wood, metal, vinyl, composite or other materials to design the fence and gate style that best fits your property.

Combined with a remote-controlled gate operator, FenceTrac gates offer an aesthetically-pleasing and very strong system.

At Empire Fence, we love FenceTrac. In fact, the gate below controls access to our yard.

Double Swing Access Control FenceTrac Privacy Gate

Access Control Gate Operators

Now, let’s take a look at gate operators for various types of gates.

Gate operators are available with a feature set ranging from very basic to fully-automated.

Our team will build a system that works best for your traffic flows.

Gate Operators for Rolling and Swing Gates

Gate operators are specified to match the application.

For instance, a residential driveway gate that opens and closes a few times per day…

…requires a different type of gate opener than a commercial system that may cycle hundreds of times per day.

Here is an example of a robust rolling gate operator at a commercial facility.

Rolling Gate Operator

If you look at the gate below.

You’ll see an example of a pad-mounted, solar-powered harmonic swing arm operator.

This one was installed at an acreage property.

Heavy-duty Gate Operator

Access Control Barrier Gate

Barrier arm gates are designed to protect parking lot or parking garage access at commercial or institutional properties.

These gates may be combined with sensors, CCTV and payment processing kiosks to maintain access.

Barrier Arm Access Control Gate

Access Control System Components

Individual components of a total access control system include various devices.

These include sensors, cameras, remote controls, software, communications, power supplies and entry devices.

Along with cloud-based management software to set permissions and manage equipment.

Keypad Gate Access

Keypad gate access controls offer a simple method to open or close gates with an assigned pin for each individual or group.

Keypad Gate Access

Remote Controls

Remote control gate openers are available with multi-button transmitters and keychain options.

Remote Control Gate Operator

Telephone Entry System

Telephone or intercom entry systems give you more control over access for commercial applications or gated communities.

Telephone Intercom Gate Access

Proximity Card Reader

Proximity card readers offer close-range validation of access permission when the visitor presents their a RFID fob or key card for entry.

Proximity Card Reader

Long Range RFID Tag Reader

Long range readers work with adhesive tags or rearview mirror hang tags to validate vehicles from a distance without the need for driver interaction.

Long-range RFID Reader

Community Access Portal

A community access portal provides a total access management system for one or multiple entry points.

Community Access Portal

Cloud-based Video Surveillance and CCTV

Beyond physical barriers, Empire Fence provides security and property monitoring.

Cloud-based security cameras can offer a live view of your property at all times.

Wired CCTV options may be specified in some situations as well.

We provide video camera monitoring systems for new construction sites as well as monitoring for entry points and perimeters.

Parking Gate Control With Video

Access Control Equipment Providers

Empire Fence has partnered with some of the world’s best brands in access control equipment.

LiftMaster Gate Operator Installation DoorKing Gate Operator Installation HySecurity Gate Operator Installation Nice Apollo Gate Operator Installation  US Automatic Gate Operator Installation

Let Empire Help

There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing an access control system for your property.

Les Mabry - Empire FenceLes Mabry in our office is one of the most experienced access control experts in the area. Based in Tulsa, Les services clients in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.

His hands-on experience encompasses the entire spectrum of access control project requirements – from concept to specification, design, installation and programming.

If you need help with a system to secure your property…

…contact Les to discuss options.

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